Friday, February 9, 2007

Blogger 2 and Other Headaches

I just found out that Blogger 2 asks for too many log-in steps when folks go to leave comments (I don't have that issue 'cause my computer "remembers" my log-in). Would you please let me know by e-mail (exptknitterATgmailDOTcom or click on the link on the sidebar) so I can document the tsuris to the powers that be at Blogger? And I'll put comments up too, if you'd like to include them in your e-mail. For being out of Beta, it sure is acting like it still is in Beta. Yesterday's post was sans pics for a while, do not know why, but I had to upload identical photos again. PITA, I tell ya.

Other major headache - my office and lab at the medical school are boiling away as we speak, the heat is driving me nuts. It's been this way for weeks. My computer overheats, poor thing, then I have to shut it down. Worse, my experiments are cooked, literally - my cells run fevers and I can't get the right data from them! Each experiment costs $$ in stuff to add, so it's not a trivial matter to just have do-overs all the time. Plus I am so uncomfortable, my face is burning up (rosacea), and I can't drink enough to stay hydrated. Plus I'm on tenterhooks 'cause the funding decision on one of my cancer grants was made early this week, but the results are not yet posted! Mine was ranked well enough to get the funding, but still it's nice to know for sure.

And yet, my husband's lab in another building has had no heat this week; the average temp in his lab has been 50 deg F. What say we call it a short, very short, day today?
Gives me more time for knitting....


fleegle said...

You know I don't have bad eyesight, but those letters that I have to type in to pass the Human Test--often it takes me 3 or 4 tries before I get them correct. I want to scream!

BB said...

It happens to me too all the time. I hate it. Can you reset your browser to enlarge the type? Try that?