Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's Frigid Out So I Made More Socks

With the thermometer outside my kitchen reading 6 degrees F, and the wind chill making it feel like -11 degrees F, the weather can be described as (take your pick): Arctic, inside the frig is warm, not fit for human nor beast, BRRRRRRRRRRRR,.... Even the collies had enough after a quick once around the block. And collies wear 2 fur coats at all times! Warm socks are required to prevent frostbite while accompanying Rocky and Skye, while walking home from school or around campus, or just to feel warm and cozy. I've been making socks nearly exclusively since the frigid weather hit. And even DH asked for some; his is the pair you see above, my own design for a man. I made these and the blue ones for Daughter #2 (below) out of Patons Classic Wool on size 4 needles.

These blue ones are the Socks on Sticks pattern from the Fall 2006 Knitty and they are made from the heel up. I don't like the way the author asked for the short rows to be done (I did it her way for the heel on sock #1), so I'm doing them the way I learned on a pattern I bought by Pegg Thomas, and I did a different mock cable, alternating the rows I cabled, to make a warmer sock. I tightened the gauge and cast on more stitches to compensate. Also, I really like the finish on these socks with crocheted slip stitch in place of mattress stitch. If you look closely, you can see I used ecru cotton for reinforcing on sock #1, and blue on sock #2. That's because my order of #30 Cebelia came yesterday from New England Needle Arts, best prices, great service, and cheap shipping. But I digress. Now that I have my supply of colored Cebelia, DH need never complain about seeing the ecru thread again. Although he doesn't complain about the colored thread on his Gold Toe socks. Some people ...aaarrrgggh.

I had bought all this Classic Wool for mine own socks, until family decided to claim skeins for themselves. fortunately, a knitter with stash is never without enough for socks. This pair is made out of precious, discontinued (alas!) Brunswick Sheepswool, a slightly lighter weight than Classic Wool, not merino wool, but so far soft enough. I made them slightly large so I can full them slightly.


fleegle said...

Beautiful socks!! And they look veeeery verrrry warm.

I claim the title of the Queen of the Frog Pond this week. I frogged the microbial shawl and I frogged the Spider, as the directions were totally wrong. Wonderful. Gives me great confidence about the rest of the pattern.

BB said...

Thank you Fleegle, that is high praise indeed.
Ya know how many times I found errors in patterns? Shoulda been paid as a pattern proof-reader like the Knitting Curmudgeon. McCall's once published my correction but without attribution; I saved the note for my ego.

fleegle said...

I haven't been in a lab for years, so it was amazing that I started at that shawl and thought about serratia.

I found a typo on Coke cans once. I called the company and they corrected it!

Bur really, this was hardly a typo. The woman specifically said, with italics, that this section of pattern was to be knitted from right to left. Fooey.

BB said...

Maybe she had temporary dyslexia. Or was looking in a mirror at that point!