Monday, February 19, 2007

Knitting Mother Makes Restitution

That should have been the weekend headline in our household. Here's the scoop: on Saturday, our Sabbath, DD#1 and I were putting coats, hats, et alia, to meet DH and DD#2 at the synagogue so we could walk to the rabbi's house, where we were invited for lunch. DD#1 was looking for her scarf (formerly mine, a freebie with an old coat). She couldn't find it. Then it struck me - I gave away all those scarves that came with old coats for Vietnam Vets. The royal dudgeon she was in over it! You'd think there were no other scarves in the house of this knitter! Well I assuaged her hurt feelings by letting her wear my genuine Burberry cashmere scarf (a found item), and assuaged mine by reminding her that she complained about the scratchiness of the lost scarf. And assuaged my feelings some more by sacrificing my toe-up socks in the Patons Rosewood color, with which I wrestled with Addi Turbos and magic loops only last week {sigh} to create this for her.
(Knitting details: Guernsey cast-on, 30 sts; moss stitch until I run out of wool, will be at least 3 ft long, may crochet a border at each end.)
But that's a MOM for you. Not that I'll make DD#1 feel guilty about it. And it's not as if I don't have some lovely Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed and even more Filatura di Crosa 501
Now you'd think that making the sacrifice of my sock and wool would be appreciated by DD#1. Here's what she thinks about her knitting parental unit. Last night while having dinner at a favorite restaurant she remarked that "Mom with knitting is like Rocky with a Nylabone." Mother is not amused and has half a mind to go back to sock knitting.

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