Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Pattern for a Hat and Scarf Set

My next pattern written up. This is the set I've worn all winter to stay warm. The cables form hearts up and down the hat and scarf. It was pretty easy to knit without a cable needle and worked up quickly. If you find errors in the chart, please let me know and I'll correct them.


2 skeins Jamieson's Heather Aran for hat; 4 skeins for scarf
size US 4 and US 8 needles OR size to get gauge
tapestry needle

18 sts/4" in St st unblocked
Hat fits 20" around when worked to gauge on size 4 needles. For bigger hats, increase needle size as indicated to get 22" and 24" around.


1) CO 92 sts with size 4 (5, 6) needle. 2 sts will be selvedge sts. K1, p1 ribbing for 3", inc 23 sts last row in K only to 113 sts. Change to size 8 needles.
2) Set pattern as follows: selvedge st, P1, * 11 sts heart cable chart, rep from * across row, end P1 (selvedge st).
3) Repeat 18 row pattern twice.
4) Work chart a third time to row 16; DO NOT DO YO's (this will be 1st decrease for crown shaping, in other words). Next row: selvedge st, P1* P2 tog, P2, P2 tog, P1, repeat across, end P2, selvedge.
5) Next row: K across, end P1 (selvedge).
6) Next row: P1, *P1, P2 tog, repeat across, end P2, selvedge (3rd dec row).
7) Next row: K across.
8) Next row: Repeat 3rd dec row.
9) K across.
10) Selvedge, P2 tog across, end P1 (4th dec row).
11) K across
12) Repeat 4th dec row.
13) You should now have only 8 sts remaining on your needle. Break yarn, leaving 12" tail. Draw through sts using tapestry needle. Sew up seam, reversing at ribbing.

1) CO 62 sts on size 8 needle. Do garter st for 6 row border.
2) Start pattern row 1: selvedge, P3, *11 st repeat of chart, repeat from *, end P3, selvedge.
3) Cont in pattern as set until piece measures approx 24", ending after a row 18; place on holder.
4) Make 2nd half same as 1st.
5) Graft 2 halves together invisibly. Block flat. Finished size will be approx 11" wide by 50" long.

1) Chart begins on Row 1 but repeats of pattern begin on Row 3.
2) Pattern is an 11-st repeat.
3) Cabled sts are twisted (knit or purl tbl) for more relief.
4) Row 15 - knit the cables loosely to make P 3 tog or p 3 tog tbl on row 14 easier.
5) Row 17 - knit the yo's tbls to close up the holes.
6) 2/1 Right purl cross - Sl 1 to cn, hold at back, k2 tbl, p1 from cn.
7) 2/1 Left purl cross - Sl 2 to cn, hold at front, p1, k2 tbl from cn.
8) 1/1 Right purl cross - Sl 1 to cn, hold at back, k1 tbl, p1 from cn.
9) 1/1 Left purl cross - Sl 1 to cn, hold at front, p1, k1 tbl from cn.
10) 1/1 Right cross - Sl 1 to cn, hold at back, k1, k1 tbl from cn.
11) 1/1 Left cross - Sl 1 to cn, hold at front, k1, k1 tbl from cn.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful pattern and I would love to knit it for a granddaughter. However, i am unable to view the chart. I just get a little red box inside a white box.
Would it be possible for you to email it to me?
I would be most appreciative.
Please omit the spaces in my email address.
chloe >>> eholc77 @ aol.com

Bunny said...

I don't see the chart for the heart cable at all. ??? It looks like a nice hat.

BB said...

Hi Bunny,
Wow, chart got lost in cyberspace.
I'm going to repost it.
Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern, but I also have chart problems. Know the chart is there but cannot read it because of a brain recognition problem. Can't read any chart because I can't see the symbols. Would it be possible for you to write out the chart? There are thousands of us who have to find people to write out charts so we can do them. Thank you very much for any help.

Experimental Knitter said...

Anonymous: E-mail me through the button on the side-bar at the left.
My daughter is getting married today and things may be hectic for a bit but I'll write it out for you.