Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sooo Soothing

This is what I'm listening to now, just came out last week. The ad I saw had chocolate-covered cherries all over it in preparation for Valentine's Day. We don't do Valentine's Day, but I'm still a sucker for chocolate-covered cherries; even look for yarns in the colorway. Having been a Simon & Garfunkel fan when they were still S & G, and having attended Paul Simon concerts, I was intrigued with the musical selections on this album. A lot of other pop-rock stars went the way of the elevator music Big Band sound in their later careers: Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart (so I'm told, never listened to him), et alia. Garfunkel's soft voice suits the songs very well; the instrumentals never overpower him. I especially like the bossa-nova "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars." Strangely enough, the song I like least is the way he does "Some Enchanted Evening." Is it because I miss the force of a voice like Rossano Brazzi's, who sang it in the film "South Pacific?" Is it the unusual phrasing and change of key Garfunkel employs that, IMVHO, detracts from the allure of the song? You be the judge. The album is available from iTunes, but I forgot to check if the individual songs are.

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