Tuesday, March 6, 2007

EFA Right Front Finis

This is what I accomplished over the weekend, this and turning the heel on sock #2 of DH's CTH Supersock merino in Java. Night mode on camera in daylight = yellow cast, have to remember that for the future. Lotsa blocking coming up, maybe I should get started now and avoid the rush (I have only 1 weany blocking board). Now I'm setting the charts for the back, and this is the part that's most challenging. There are charts within charts within charts it seems, and the stitch count for 1 chart varies but the total stitch count for the row does not. Good to have rubber stitch markers, the ones I really like the best by far. They bounce across the room less often (for me anyway) than the hard plastic ones. As for fancy bead and wire markers, all I can say is I won a set and I never use them. Don't get me wrong, they're very pretty, so pretty in fact I should make earrings or hair sticks or a shawl pin out of them. But they just don't work as stitch markers for me.

As if I needed more yarn, I read on Jenna's blog about irresistible Sundara's yarn, and so I clicked on the link to discover this. Of course I ordered a skein (sport merino, thank you very much) to make a to-die-for (to-dye-for?) pair of spring socks, a lacy pattern I should think. I can hear myself explaining to DH about why I spent $22 on 1 skein of yarn for 1 pair of socks: "It's not my fault! The website made me do it!" It's not just knitting socks that's addictive. The very yarn is addictive (and since accumulated sock yarn doesn't count as stash, one can buy and buy, even if one is participating in the stash fast of 2007). Am I participating? I think I need a quantity of yarn that would count as stash first, ahem! Or a fortification of supplies so my knitting muse would be satisfied.

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