Friday, March 9, 2007

First Pair of Socks Done Right - Finished!

I feel rather accomplished now, being I mastered the magic loop technique and made this pair of socks for my DH without a real pattern! Rather, I started the leg with a beaded rib pattern I found in an old VK, segue'ed to a French heel pattern for my stitch count, and ended with the toe shaping fronm the Limbo sock pattern on All Tangled Up's blog. And best of all, DH reports that the socks fit him perfectly! The yarn was heavenly to knit with too, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, and the colorway is a nice masculine one, Java. Nice to have them done just in time for the warm weather headed our way. We were in the deep freeze this week with record lows (wind chills well below zero), but mid-week we are supposed to be in the 60's. But knitting, like Tolkien's road, goes ever on.

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