Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A More Comfy Sock and a Contest

Learn from one's mistakes. Or as a scientist would have it, change the experimental conditions and redo the experiment. I changed the Pretty Comfy sock in 2 important ways from the first attempt: I made a French heel with a higher gusset:

And finished it with a non-grafted toe:

I still had to take the end of the toe out once and add a little length to it, but now, it fits. Length, check. Heel in correct place, check. Did forget the reinforcing cotton on the heel, but if I wear these with clogs, maybe it won't matter too much in the end. Halfway done on the leg of the second sock now. This is a very nice sock pattern by the way, with an 8-stitch repeat to the pattern. The lace is stretchy too.
Now for the contest: What should I do with the failed sock? Just unravel it and recycle the wool? Make a sock puppet? If so, what character or creature should it be? The cleverest, most original idea will win you a set of beaded stitch markers; they have pretty pink beads dangling down. I'll take a photo of them later and post it here. The contest will end at 11:59 pm on Tuesday March 27.


Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

I'll tell you what I do with mine.

My daughter and her family are big fans of St--bucks so when I have a failed sock, I frog back to the leg (at an appropriate size) and either bind off or add ribbing to match the cuff and then bind off...and they have a sleeve for their St--bucks that's way cooler and way comfier than that paper sleeve St--bucks provides. They love them...and secretly I think they pray for failed socks. lol

A comfy coffee sleeve, that sounds like the perfect end for a failed Pretty Comfy sock.

For myself, when I can sneak one past my daughter's family, if it's a long sock, I frog past the heel, fill the body with a cotton bag filled with rice and/or beans, sew the ends shut and I have a nice microwave warmer for those days when I'm feeling a little stiff and achey. You can also microwave it just before you leave the house and sit it in your coat pocket to provide a little extra warmth for those mittened/gloved hands.

BB said...

Yvonne, those are positively genius ideas!! My girls are St--$$ addicts too. Gosh, I'll have to ruin another sock for the other daughter now. LOL!

Morandia said...

I think you should make a sock puppet and create a podcast with the sock talking about knitting. Maybe "Nick - The Knitting Sock Puppet"?

Definately need long eyelashes (eyelash yarn) and maybe some mohair hair?

Just a thought.

Yvonne said...

Well, Bev, if you have as many knitting *adventures* as I do, that shouldn't be a problem. lol

Love the finished sock btw.