Sunday, May 6, 2007

EFA is Finished!

Yes, my Fangorn Forest EFA is finished. The photo does not begin to do this masterpiece justice. I am so pleased. I like the fit of the shoulder and sleeves, after modifying the armholes and sleeve increases. I like my made buttonholes more than the k2 tog, yo buttonholes in the pattern. I like my straight shoulders more than the sloped shoulders of the pattern. And I like the surprise I added:

Pocket on EFA

Pockets! On-seam pockets (and I had enough Magpie to make them in the matching color, thank G-d!), just big enough for a key or a handkerchief or a tube of lipstick (wouldn't want to stretch them all out out now, would we?) or a place to hide the One Ring (so Gollum can ask, "But what has it got in its pocketses?"). Of course the temps this week will climb to the 80's, only because I finished my spring jacket, in a spring color, with blooming flowers and trees in leaf. Moral of the story: you can't win for trying, or as gardeners say, there's always next year (G-d willing).


fleegle said...

Stunning stunning stunning!

I hope it doesn't come down to overdying my shawl. I guess I will get a lot of practice weaving in ends, though.

BB said...

Weaving in ends in lace, truly
not the fun part of laceknitting. You'll have to eat a few extra strawberries for consolation, I guess. They look so yummy I'm drooling.

Romi said...


Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

Take heart, Bev. Here in VA we call our spring cold snaps *winters* and name them traditionally after whatever plant needs a cold snap for its growing cycle. We've gone through almost all our little winters---except blackberry winter. We still haven't had blackberry you just might get some use out of your lovely EFA this spring after all!

BB said...

Thank you Romi and Yvonne. Yvonne, I wore it yesterday, we had a freakishly chill day with wind. So glad I made the pockets for my hands!