Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A New Hat for the Ships Project

One benefit of doing swatches for the Walker Treasury project is seeing how I like a pattern for these hats. I've been doing ribbing patterns for this very reason. This stitch is called little shell ribbing; it winds up looking almost like a mock cable, to me at least. The yarn is stretchy (Baruffa Maratona 100% merino wool, won 8 skeins in this nice blue on eBay) but I think this pattern would have nice stretchiness to it. Would make a nice sock, don't you think?

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Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

A very nice sock, Bev.

Loved the buttons and sleeves for EFA btw. _Thought_I left a comment saying so...

I finally got the pattern for it and now am looking for the perfect yarn---or maybe I'm a little intimidated and just putting off starting. lol