Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look What Came!

Yep, more yarn. To be specific, more Sundara sport merino for socks. These are 2 of her semi-solid colors, which she says will never be repeated: on the left, Blue-Violet over Cotton Candy; on the right, Shell over Cocoa Butter. The blue-violet yarn fairly screams for Evelyn Clark's Lupine sock pattern. The Shell has yet to be decided. Now I'm still looking for an off-white sport or DK weight sock yarn, but not a solid off-white; something more interesting than just off-white. Maybe Lisa Souza hard twist merino in Mother-of-Pearl, which I would have bought but it comes in 500 yds for $25; wish it had a smaller put-up as well for the sock knitters, say 250 yds for $15. Maybe I'll ask Lisa about it; worst thing she could do is say no. And I'm searching for a nice green with character, maybe green with other colors like Yarntini Appletini or Lime Twist, if I could ever get any. If you know about other yarns, please let me know. I've checked a few already, and either no greens or off-whites, or the gauge comes only in fingering/sock weight and the price is too prohibitive for doubling. Thanks.

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