Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look What Came: A Sorta Rara Avis, er, Book

Saw this book listed somewhere as another guide to traditional guernsey knitting, with charted motifs. So I started searching for it and found it for a good price HERE. The charts are nice and BIG, there's a history section, and another one on pitfalls. I haven't looked yet to see if steeking is discussed. The photos are much sharper than the ones in Gladys Thompson's book (it's only slightly larger, maybe the paper, maybe the reproduction method). One thing mentioned is that Guernsey patterns really were used to identify drowned at sea. So not a myth at all that became attached to Aran sweaters. So there, AS! {I'm looking over Aran Knitting by AS and got just a wee peckle annoyed at her assertions about the origins of Aran knitting; she's not a historian for heaven's sake. Next thing you know, she'll be discoursing on mine or anyone's cancer research-! Just my own gripe du jour.}

Knitting knotes: Rogue pocket is done, attached, finis, finito, and only had to be frogged once during the attachment (I miscounted the stitches to knit before attaching!).

Tree hat came out nice and slouchy; should fit any member of our troops overseas with a mere adjustment of cuff fold-over. This is part of a series of hats I'm designing, to for sale to raise money for the Ships Project. Trees is the second hat. The anchor hat was first; next is a sand rib mystery-knit hat (you knit it on the wrong side). I'll announce when the patterns are going on the side bar.

And must tell you that DD#2, the concert mistress of her wind ensemble has been chosen to take a master class at Lincoln Center, taught by members of the New York City Opera Orchestra, later this month. Her music came today and she's first clarinet. Her early decision college application went off today, let us hope she gets in (so we'll know December 15; I don't think I could stand waiting until April!).

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fleegle said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I bought that book new years ago.

Love the hat!