Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Wuz Robbed!

Seriously, on Friday I discovered that over $1000 was removed from my checking account as an electronic payment to Sprint- and I don't use Sprint. So now I am making like Sherlock Holmes, calling the FBI, my congressperson, and anyone else I can think of (local PD is already starting a report but they may not investigate, being just a small town PD with limited resources). Forget prosecution, I want BLOOD for this (sometimes). Now I'm worried that even though I'm closing my checking account to open a new one, the miscreant can still hack his (Sprint told me the money is going to someone with a male name) way into a new account. Now I'm even more worried that any check I mail might wind up not delivered by USPS by in the hands of such a miscreant, now matter what precautions I take. What a world we live in.

Lupine socks finis

So back to knitting, and now you'll forgive me for not providing a more lovely picture of my lovely lupine socks from the Evelyn Clark pattern. What a fun knit. I really like Sundara Yarn sport merino and hope she finds another source of it soon. I have 1 more skein of it to work, in Shell over Cocoa Butter, yum!, then it's the sock yarn. Speaking of sock yarn, the Fyberspate green BFL yarn came and it is every bit as heavenly as I hoped it would be. Now I have to finish the Baby's Breath socks in Meilenweit for DD#1 before I start another sock. If you want to see the Baby's Breath pattern, visit Jeanie Townsend's blog, Just me Jeanie, link on the left. She has lots of nice sock patterns, some for sale, a lot for free.

And I took lace knitting up again, yes I did, to continue to work on the Hugs and Kisses scarf for DD#2. Who will be playing with the NYC Opera once again later this month, at Lincoln Center. The program will be "Tosca." The week before, she'll be in the pit orchestra of her local HS for their performances of "Caberet." I believe she'll be playing several instruments and trying not to blush when the emcee says "Even zee orchestra is beautiful."


fleegle said...

I am so sorry! I hope that won't happen again...it's frightening that he got your banking information.

Love the socks~

KSee said...

Oh, how terrible. Last week I received a letter from my credit union telling me that they were cancelling my ATM, just becaue, and that I would have a new card and password by the 20th. Hope everything gets settled soon.
Oh, your socks are very pretty.

BB said...

Thanks to both of you for the commiseration and for the compliments. Have new checking account, now must get someone to prosecute the crime. Ksee, hope your bank looks out for you. I talk to my manager a lot now and have extra security on my account.