Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If It's (Nearly) Spring, Do I Still Knit Socks?

If the yarn looks like this, of course! This is a special colorway that Sundara Yarn (link on left) is doing in honor of her second anniversary selling on line. It's called Tulip, and it sure reminds me of the Apricot Beauty tulips I have planted around my house.

So what luscious sock will it be? Open to suggestions; the delicate color begs for something with a lace stitch.

And this is the new Beaverslide Dry Good sock yarn which came today. The color is called "Whitetail Fawn" and it feels as good as it looks. Definitely it's meant for gansey socks.

Lupine is moving along; heel is turned and ready for gusset stitches to be picked up. Can't wait to wear them, I will post pictures! It's so good to be knitting again.

Guess who'll be playing at Lincoln Center with the New York City Opera again? Yup, DD#2 has been begged to return to play Tosca with them. Originally she thought she'd have to pass due to a prior musical commitment. But with a change of date on the part of the NYC Opera program, DD#2 is now free to play clarinet #1.

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