Thursday, April 3, 2008

Closing in on the Perp and Some Sad News

Seriously. All it took was much persistence on my part- many phone calls to my congressman, the police, the DA's office; sending certified letters describing the crime to various folk, including the CEO of Sprint; plus other activities too nerve-wracking to relive.
We have a name, an address, a phone number. An arrest warrant has been issued. I have asked for a firing squad but don't think my wish will be granted. Drat.

Sad news from both sides of the family. It seems my younger brother developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to misdiagnosis/mismanagement of pneumonia late last year. COPD is terminal. Would like to get my hands on the MD who handled him. He's now under the care of a competent pulmonologist at the best hospital in LA. If that weren't enough, my 92 year old MIL fell and broke her other hip (having broken 1 last year,less than a year ago). And refused treatment so was left in the ER for days whilst the MDs sought an override from my SIL, who is the only family member empowered to do so. DH is not empowered, nor his brother. SIL gave the override so that MIL could be treated. But MIL still developed a clot in her lung (pulmonary embolus) plus double pneumonia. She' responding to treatment and will be moved to a hospice when she's stable enough to be moved. What's really bothering me is that she mentioned to DH last year wanting to die rather than be treated for a broken hip again. I can't believe none of the 3 siblings is calling for a consult to be sure MIL is getting enough medicine, stimulation in her environment, activities,or whatever.

On the knitting front (you think I've have time for knitting with all this going on?) I am nearly done with the 1st sock, that would be the Baby's Breath sock, for D#1. Did I remember to photograph it when I had the camera out? Of course not.

OK, now feast your eyes on this creation I made for my assistant's mother on the occasion of her 80th birthday. I do have to change the earrings to a non-pierced style;the clips are on order as I write. The lovely center bead set was created by Gina De Stevens of GMD Lampwork. She makes such lovely floral beads (and others too but her floral ones are my favorites).


fleegle said...

Well, that post was a bit glad, a lot sad, and finished off with stunning eye candy.

Without writing a novel, let me say that I think a firing squad is too good for the creep. I am truly sorry about all the health problems--we had something similar in our family a few years ago and I sympathize deeply.

THat necklace is stunning! Just stunning!

BB said...

Thank you on all counts.
And a belated happy anniversary!
There's a reason camels are called "ships of the desert," guess it has to do with the smooth ride. :)