Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lost and Found Department, I

Among my missing knitting things as I mentioned is my favorite Bernat pattern book for vests, Small Change #240. The women's vests don't thrill me much, but the men's vests are great classics. See if you don't agree:The way DH is with vests, I really need this book. I just bought 2 copies, one on eBay, and one from Vintage Knits, for about $2 each plus $2 shipping. Figured about $10 is definitely worth it to have 2 copies of a books I use constantly. Now watch: my old copy will turn up as soon as one of the new ones arrives.

Last night after my MRI (must have been the Xanax still working), I had one of those inspired moments, where I could "see" where some of my lost knitting supplies went. And in following my inspiration, I found nearly all of my Addi Turbos. Wow, I'd forgotten I had so many (and they are so clearly marked if they are out of their bags). Progress of sorts, I call that. To celebrate, well, really, because I couldn't think too much from the Xanax (the only way I can do a closed MRI, and this one took 2 hours- 2 entire hours in an enclosed rattling metal tube!), I started this little lovely:The yarn is Danette Taylor's handpainted loopy mohair in Tahiti; somehow I wound up with 2 cakes of it. To start, I casted on 5 sts using the usual long-tail cast-on on size 9s. Knitted one row, then inc 1 st at each end by knitting into the front and backs of those sts. Continued in garter st and inc every other row until 27 sts were reached. Knitted another inch or so, then changed to size 10 1/2 needes to open up the boucle. Why did I start on the smaller needle? I recall some sage advice from the great Elizabeth Zimmerman about the ends of scarves getting so much wear they get bedraggled over time. She liked to knit toes for her scarves. I didn't think toes would work with loopy mohair, so I thought a firmer gauge would help. What will I put on the ends? Probably shortish fluffy tassels. Have any ideas? I'd love the hear them.

Do I need another scarf? No. When did that ever stop a knitter? I have another cake of this loopy mohair to ponder over.

I once made a hat and scarf set of this yarn years ago, in the Azalea colorway:
Gifted it to a good friend. This set was done in brioche stitch. Seeing it makes me wonder whatever happened to Danette Taylor? Her colors were amazing.

I will get back to finishing the Rogue cardi; that hood was killing me. I was only too glad to set it aside for a (long) while. And it seems that Jenna isn't doing her blog anymore (as if I should complain). Wonder if she still takes questions. I should set a deadline for Rogue for DD#1's wedding. Yes, one of the good things that happened this year is that DD#1 got engaged. Maybe with the holiday break, I'll finish it. I like a challenging knit as much as the next knitter, but I have to admit, Rogue is beyond challenging (and I found Enchanted Forest quite easy).

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