Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mindless Knitting Time Again

So last night was State of the Union night. In the Knitter household, that's taken fairly seriously by DH (who insists I watch along with him so we can discuss it afterwards; we are such eggheads). Watching calls for mindless knitting, the kind one can do when lights are dimmed. No lace knitting (no Shetland Triangle, sorry, you stay in your bag); no cables (Carefee, you'll come out again another night, I promise). So casting on for a sleeve for Milkshake commenced. I decided to do one sleeve at a time to save on my nerves if I tangle this delicate yarn up. Using a novel cast-on, a first for me, I began. The cast-on I chose is the Estonian lace cast-on. I'd read about it in Nancy Bush's sock books but it wasn't until Spinnermaid on Ravelry pointed me to her video (made especially for us southpaws) that I could accomplish it. Now look at the pretty edges it makes! Both sides are decorative in their way. The side I chose as the right side blends into the 1x1 rib better, IMO. I like this cast-on a lot and can't wait to try it out on socks or a hat.
Here's my knit side: Estonian cast-on knit side
And my purl side: Estonian cast-on purl side
See how the cast-on edge makes a little braid on this side? That might look pretty neat on a future garment.
So after completing 9 rows of ribbing and switching to stockinette stitch, I could put knitting on autopilot (as long as I remembered to increase on schedule). By the time the Republican governor of Virginia had finished his rant rebuttal, the sleeve was halfway to the armhole. Congress, I show you progress. Now get to work.

Memo to Governor McDonnell: In case you didn't know (and I understand if you did not, having been in office only 11 days): the Federal government already DELIVERS healthcare. Guess during your 11 days, no one has told you about Medicare for seniors yet, or what the Department of Veterans Affairs (my employer) does. Scold your staff for not having briefed you.

Haiti Earthquake Relief update:
My ebay auctions raised about $150 dollars for Doctors without Borders in one week. Thanks to everyone who bid and won. If I find more stash to put on auction, I'll add a line to a post. I'll leave the widget up as long as DwB are needed in Haiti.


fleegle said...

I always wanted to try that cast-on. Next time!

Congress. Work. Never.

BB said...

It's a great cast-on.

One can hope.....