Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evenstar: Act 1

Scene: Experimental Knitter's bedroom. Alone, she can finally take out her huge ball of Zephyr laceweight, her Clover needles, her first clue for Evenstar, and begin the mystery shawl.
Action: EK casts on using Eunny Jang's method, then TECHKnitter's method, then back to Eunny Jang's method. Finally, 9 sts have been cast on. EK knits a round before increasing. The yarn doesn't slip off the bamboo needles but instead jams at the joins. To make matters worse, EK is frantically trying to make the cables behave; they are so much stiffer than her other cables. She had pre-soaked them in very hot water, now she twists them and folds them, but they have minds of their own, evil things that they are. EK decides that enough's enough.
EK: BAH! Enough of this!! Plenty of folk on the Ravelry KAL casted on straight, then joined. I can do the same.

And does: EK uses a long-tail cast-on doubled, knits a row, then purls a row. Now EK performs the increase row to double the stitch number to 18. Chicken that she is, she knits the next 3 rows straight, then prepares for the magic loop technique (ML). Loops out, then realizes she should switch needles to Addi Turbos. Needles switched, EK now performs the second increase row to 36 stitches and knits the 6 intervening rows.
EK: Why does it look like the toe of a sock with eyelets? When will it resemble a shawl? Why did I sign up for this? Will I be a knitting failure if I quit now? Yes (sigh).
EK resumes knitting.

Enter DH.
EK: Don't talk to me.
DH: OK but let me know when I can talk to you.
EK: As of now, it might be never.
DH: Why did I encourage her to sign up for this knit-along? Why?
The next increase row to 72 stitches is performed. Now EK can work on 12 rows of just knitting.
EK: OK, you can talk to me now.
DH: I forgot what I needed to say.

Act 1, Scene 2. EK's home office.
EK: Hmmm, how can I make knitting this thing easier. Sharper tips, more flexible cables, what? Maybe I should boil the cable. No, might ruin the started shawl. Ah, I know: lace needles.
Orders Addi lace needles.

End of Act 1.

And that's the current drama in my knitting life.

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bev said...

That is so funny! The beginning of that shawl was a bear. But, on to the next clue. I think you and I are in 2 of the same KALs; Knit a Norwegian and the Evenstar. Now I can follow along with you as you go through the same contortions that I do! LOL