Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Deeds Can Be Rewarded

Last month, Southerngirlknits posted a challenge on Ravelry to entice knitters to donate to Doctors without Borders. Look what yours truly won from the challenge:
Southern Girl Knits yarn

Such luscious yarn, super-wash, and 464 yards of it, enough for a lovely shawlette-type scarf. The corals are my favorite color in the universe too. Thank you so much Allison.

On the knitting front, I seem to be knitting Zeno's paradox here with Carefree: no matter how long I knit (and I usually work on it for 2 to 3 hours at a time), I'm still stuck at 3 inches away from the armhole. Carefree back 3
Today I mean to conquer the armhole, though I also need to knit my swatch of Evenstar.
Correction: I knitted my Evesntar swatch, ha!
Evenstar swatch

It's a knitting times like this that WIPs can go into hibernation. Not that the Carefree pattern is hard (it's not), not the yarn isn't a great yarn (I love it), it's the feeling of "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get," as a folk saying has it. I like knitting to defined milestones (though I'm a process knitter; however I must finish garments because they are needed). And I want to have this sweater ready to wear next month, because the week after DD#1's wedding, there will be dinner parties every night feting the young couple for a week (Orthodox Jews do not go on a honeymoon right after the wedding but go away some time after this week of parties). I'd also like to finish my Shetland Triangles shawl, if for no other reason than it's such a fun knit and I'm about halfway done with it.

Speaking of the wedding, it's one month from today. That is a sobering thought. Response cards have begun flooding in. Some are amusing to read: some just say "yes"(and we have to scramble find the envelope it came in to figure out who didn't put names on the card), one says "We'll try to make it to the ceremony and ..." That's a quote. I'll take that as regrets. And some come with gifts in the form of checks for the couple. Lovely gesture if the checks can be negotiated. You see, the groom's parents gave him a legal name, but then always called him by a nickname. And insisted the nickname, not the legal name, be on the invitation. So the invitation reads something like this:

Experimental and Dear Husband Knitter
Robert and Isabelle Morton
request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children
Victoria Regina and Al.

Checks have arrived made out to Mr.and Mrs. Al Morton. Al Morton is not on the bank account; legal Name Morton is. Other checks have come to Mr.and Mrs. Victoria and Dear Husband Knitter. I think DD#1 can deposit that one. Tomorrow, DD#1 tells me, she and fiancee are going to open up a joint account, with nickname of fiancee included. A good solution. Why didn't we put Al in parentheses after legal name, as is correct according to Emily Post, Miss Manners, Letitia Baldridge, and all sorts of wedding mavens? The in-laws don't want people in their town to know their son has a legal name. This is the true reason; if I were a Girl Scout, I'd write "Scout's honor." **sigh** As I tell DD#1, this should be the worst stuff you have to endure, forever!


fleegle said...

Stunning yarn and exquisite sweater. At one particular row, after still being too short, the sweater will immediately become too long. There's some law in effect here, but I don't recall whose.

BB said...

Murphy's Law, or a corollary, I think.
I took out the armhhole last night.
If it became a tunic, so be it.

fleegle said...

I have a slight Raid hangover, which I will assuage via fleegle's chocolate stash. Thank you for your concern!