Monday, March 22, 2010

As promised

As promised, I have photos of my first beaded knitting project. Yes, the Shetland Triangles shawl is complete.
shetland triangle shawl
Close-up of beaded edging:
shetland shawl detail
Excuse the lack of proper focus; the camera and I had a bit of a disagreement yesterday.

Final thoughts: This was a fun pattern; next time I'll use 6/0 instead of 8/0 beads so they show up better (and will be easier to add; no more sore fingers). I may make another one, since this one will fly with me to Los Angeles this Sunday (more on that later) to become a thank-you gift for my sister-in-law.
Carefree is really and truly nearly done; I am just about at the armhole of the second sleeve. I'd love to finish it this week to take along. We'll see.
Evenstar had been neglected but no more; yesterday was devoted to knitting Clue 2 (nearly done with that). Had the camera not been in a tiff, I would have taken its portrait to show you. Maybe the camera will behave itself today.

As for LA, we (DH and I) are going Sunday for the Passover holiday. My elderly parents are not doing well; indeed, they were unable to join us for DD#1's wedding. DH and I will spend 10 days in LA, bringing along a wedding video for them. Such bittersweet times. If I don't post again before my trip, I wish all my readers a happy holiday season. Chag kasher v'sameach, as we say in my neck of the woods.


fleegle said...

Just beautiful, my dear!!

Experimental Knitter said...

Thank you, that is high praise indeed.

Ann said...

Lovely! and I scrolled down for the heart cables pattern; thanks for sharing! I hope your folks are feeling better.