Monday, May 24, 2010

Now what?

Pattern Time Two LS
Now that I've decided to rework my Norah Gaughan top in Mistral instead of Jaeger Ascot, what shall I do with the 26 skeins of Ascot sitting in my cedar chest? Answer: make this luscious lovely!

I need another lightweight cardi anyway, in addition to my favorite Bernat one (a gal can't have too many nice cardis, right?). I was considering making Cerisara but don't think it'll be too flattering on me. I've never made anything from White Lies Designs before, but reading about the designer/founder/creater Joan McGowan-Michael and how she designs for those of us with less than sylph-like proportions (that would include yours truly, *cough cough*), I think Colette would look nicer on moi. Plus it has lace edgings, and I am becoming hooked on lace edgings.

I am officially half-way done with the edging to Evenstar. I am also nearly officially out of beads. To give you an idea of the devotion this project required, the edging alone needs ~11,200 stitches worked, with 5 beads ever other row (nearly 3,000 beads in all). When I need a break from Evenstar, I alternate between the Norah Gaughan top and finishing up (finally) socks promised to DD#1 around 2 years ago (has it been that long, really?)
Baby's breath sock 2
Ignore the gaping toe; this sock is now complete and the leg of sock #2 is over 80% completed. Yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit, a cotton blend, very nice and soft. Pattern is Jeanie Townsend's Baby's Breath. Easy to memorize. Get it from her website.


fleegle said...

Gasp!! Drool. Etc.

Let me know how the White Lies Cardi works out. I have one of her patterns that I have been meaning to knit. I've never used one of her patterns, so I am curious.

Amy said...

Oooh love the lace edging - I've got Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan Mcgowan-Michael, and all the designs are beautiful. Can't wait to see how you get on :D

fleegle said...

You are so welcome! Love to see new software for knitting!