Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Nowhere Fast

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This is how I'm feeling these days: between my university and the VA I can't get my budget in order (both administrative units are dysfunctional, to be kind). I attended a 2 1/2 hour meeting last week at the VA, subject: abysmal administration for researchers. Resolution: so far none. I need to kick some of these problems up the food chain and meet with the assistant director. I submitted my grant, but until it's funded, I need to run my lab. Or not. Maybe the VA doesn't mind paying me a salary during the time that my lab might have to shut down? I can't tell. Tomorrow I'll try to meet with a university administrator and get some things straightened out (grants ended, stop paying people from those grants; where did $35K on one grant go between July and August; etc).

I was praying yesterday on the Day of Atonement for some help from On High with these matters. I really thought I went to graduate school to learn how to do science; I'm finding out that I needed an MBA plus the PhD because the paid administrators surely aren't administrating; I'm expected to be the administrator as well as the PI. I hate that.

Twist is almost done, yippee! The hood is 3/4 finished, then the bands will be picked up and knitted in 2x2 ribbing. I'll be putting in a 2-ended zipper, which I'll order from Zipper Stop. They'll match the color you need, in case you ever need an odd-colored zipper. While I'm sending in yarn from Twist, I might as well send in some yarn from Peggy and order a zipper for that cardi too. DD#2 doesn't want a 2-ended zipper. I think it's a mistake that I'll regret every time I resew the zipper.


fleegle said...

Sew. in. zipper. Never. That's why Velcro was invented.

Great cat video--Laptop loved it!

hassam said...

so good....