Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Weekend Away

This weekend we visited DD#2 in Baltimore. Couldn't have picked a better weekend, weather-wise. After the mandatory shopping marathon (food, supplies, new shoes, etc.) and the necessary inspection of her new apartment, sightseeing in my old hometown was in order.
First stop: Federal Hill for the coffee at Spoons and the view from the hill itself:
Inner Harbor scene 2
You can see the National Aquarium (glass pyramid) and the University of Maryland research station (funny white tents across from the aquarium) quite well.
We came across this doorscape (if that's the proper term), which we found amusing:
funny door on Churchill St closeup
It's amusing because the owners put up a mezuzah (meaning, like us they are Jewish) yet they have a crab-shaped door-knocker (definitely not kosher). But hey! it's Maryland, and Maryland is for crabs. We approve.
If you've any doubt that Baltimore is Birdland, check out this entrance to the Museum of Visionary Art (next to Federal Hill Park):
Baltimore is Birdland
Last, a visit to Fort McHenry. Thought Columbus Day is an official Federal holiday (hence my day off), National Park Service folk have to work.
flag at Ft McHenry
This is the modern-day view of the scene of the Battle of Baltimore (September 13-14, 1814):
Key Bridge from the fort
Pretty peaceful. We spotted a cargo ship bearing new autos coming up the shipping lane on its way to one of the terminals.
cargo ship in the Northwest Branch
DD#2 spotted this; the soldier bore her initials. That gave her a thrill.
Jeb saves the day
Of course no trip to this fort is complete without paying homage to the flag that still waves; this is a replica, as the original now resides in the Smithsonian.
still she waves
No knitting on this trip, though I brought a sweater and vest down to DD#2 to keep her warm when the chill comes next month.


fleegle said...

You made me homesick for Baltimore. I used to live two blocks from Federal Hill. Lion doorknocker, though :)

Experimental Knitter said...

This house is on Churchill St, right near the hill.
I'm always homesick for Baltimore.