Monday, November 1, 2010

Collie Show

Silver cups for the winners
Yesterday was a cold day, the kind of day we call "collie weather." As if it were planned, the Collie Club of North Jersey's annual show was yesterday. We all went, 4 humans and 3 (that's right, 3) collies. You see, the rescue group called DD#1 the other week to foster a pup. She fostered before for co-op credit in collie and Rocky is a rescued collie from their affiliated group in central Jersey. When a few smoothie pups came their way, DD#1 popped up on their inner radar. So Col, a lively 10 month old that's BIGGER than Rocky, joined our lives. Yesterday was Col's opportunity to shine as the prospective adoptee of the month.
Skye and Col
That's Col on the right (the sable). Is he shining enough for you? Skye hopes so. He's gotten so used to being top dog in DD#1's house (though he loves to visit Rocky every chance he gets) that Skye hopes someone will fall in love with Col and take him, please. Col really is very loveable but DH does not want a second dog in the house. I suppose 4 years with Skye (who's a bit of a clown) was enough for DH and so I won't push the issue.
Tri smoothie
That said, DH did fall for this little fellow. If he had a "Buy Me" sign on him, I think we'd have gone home with a fourth collie.

Last week we took some photos of this house all ready for Hallowe'en:
The haunted house of Verona
Well last night DH just had to see it in the dark. Turns out he was not alone...
trick or treaters
We couldn't get near the place!
haunted house at night 2
This is the best we could do. Those are FLAMES shooting out from torches flanking the double window, with little ghosts strung on wire from a tree. You can see the red eye of the giant skull peeking out between the branches of the blue spruce towrds the left.

Not to be outdone, these neighbors did their best to recreate Shelob's lair from the Lord of the Rings:
Shelob's lair 1
Those are little lighted skulls lining the pathway. No trick-or-treaters at this house. Wonder why....

On the knitting front, Peggy now has a zipper and one sleeve done halfway to the armhole decreases. Next week is a meeting of the local spinner's guild. Guess who is going with a brand-new walnut spindle plus more roving?


fleegle said...

Love your decorations! Scary!

Experimental Knitter said...

Not mine- just seen in the next town.

fleegle said...

Let's just hope that he or she doesn't have a can of Raid handy!