Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed in again!

Yep, we got socked again last night. Unofficial snowfall in my town (measured against Rocky's 25 inch shoulders) is over 20 inches. Poor guy, he could barely leap over it this morning on his way to his tree (I had to remind him he doesn't use the indoor bathroom). I won't bore you with photos of pure whiteness.

In more sad news, Pisgah Yarn, makers of Peaches and Crème cotton yarns, sold out to SpinRite of Canada. In case you don't know, SpinRite bought Bernat yarns years ago, turning it from a really nice yarn company (selling lovely basics, seasonal fashion yarns, inspired design books, and distributing Jaeger before Rowan bought them) to a craft yarn line. Not that I'm opposed to craft yarns- they have their place for many things! But not to have Sesame 4 wool in the beautiful color palette of Berella 4 (what a color palette that was!!) was indeed a big loss. And Gloucester cotton was a great cabled cotton that washed and wore well. SpinRite is the home of Lily, maker of Sugar and Cream. I myself don't think Peaches & Crème is long for this earth, being the 2 cottons are quite similar. But not identical: P&C is much softer than SandC. P&C has colors that SandC does not (and vice-versa, to be fair). This morn I sent in an order for 10 cones (that's over a mile) of P&C. I wish I could afford more. The P&C Ravelry group moderator asked us to make at least one dishcloth for each of the 80-plus P&C employees who will be laid off come February 25th. Last night I whipped off 5.
First, a set of 3 heart-shaped ones based on Grandma's favorite dishcloth pattern:
I Heart Grandma Set
The color is called Cherry Pink (might as well archive this info for posterity).
Next, Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth itself, in Faded Denims:
Grandma's dishcloth 2
One corner is a little off, because I was knitting in bed (I have the cold plus sinus infection from Hades) and was too lazy to check how to end this thing on my computer. One day I'll have an iPad...
Last but not least, the Double Bump dishcloth, also in Faded Denims:
Double Bump dishcloth
These 5 were completed in a matter of a few hours. Now they are packed up, ready to be mailed to the group mod (if we ever get dug out- so far no traffic moving on our street).

In somewhat happier news, a fellow researcher at the VA got wind of my grant rejection. He looked over the nasty comments and advised, "Appeal. Appeal directly to the program director at the VA. It won't go back to the reviewers. They had the facts wrong anyway so they are not trustworthy." Appeal is due March 25. An entire committee is supposed to help me with this process. Maybe I'll win, maybe not, but it helps to do something (other than job-hunt, which is depressing).

Last, I want to thank everyone who left a comment in consolation over my recent bereavement. It helps to know that folks are thinking about me and wishing me solace. Next week I'll be flying to Israel (February 6th). My camera will certainly go, as will lots of extra batteries. I have a shopping list from the DDs and DH. Not sure if I'll bring knitting, only because I think I'll be too excited and busy and sad to knit.

Stay warm, stay dry, and if anyone has a cure for head colds or cabin fever, send me a line, OK?


sapphireblue said...

I'm making P&C project right now. It's my first project with that yarn, and I love it. May need to stock up on it. So sad. Not a good time for jobs. My DH is thankfully employed after being laid off for a year.

Renee Anne said...

I just found a couple of skeins of P&C in my stash.

As for the grant rejection, yes, appeal! What's the worst thing that happens? They agree with the original decision and you find a new place in life. Oh well. The best thing? They agree with YOU and all is well :)

fleegle said...

I am glad you're back and hope the heartache has eased a tiny bit.

Wishing you Great Luck on your appeal!

And yeah, I still have some skeins of Bernat Laceweight Cashmere (circa 1948) that my mother gave me.Gorgeous stuff!