Monday, March 14, 2011


Japan is now 8 feet closer to the US, thanks to to the magnitude 8.9 earthquake (on edit: now listed as magnitude 9.0) from late last week. The earth shifted on its axis from the jolt by 10 cm (almost 4 inches).

My good friend Kiyo, now at a major university in New England, hails from the town opposite the quake's epicenter. When we spoke Friday morning after the quake he said all was well with his family. Thank G-d for that.

Meanwhile, anyone who's tuned in or lifted a newspaper knows all is not well with most of Japan. So instead of a regular post, I'll just post some links to relief organizations working to help to poor people affected by the quake and its horrible aftermath.

Orthodox Union Earthquake Relief Fund
Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund
Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
American Red Cross


fleegle said...

All my friends are safe, but worried about more quakes, radiation, and the fact that the news over there is highly censored.

And thanks for the kind words about my Percy shawl.

Donna Lee said...

The power of that earthquake is staggering, isn't it? Imagine the earth moving on its axis.

I can only see so many of the photos at a time. It's overwhelming in its size.