Thursday, April 28, 2011


That's the outcome of my grant appeal to the VA.

The new head of research wants me to revise and resubmit in September (the next deadline). I reminded him that as of June 30th, I'll no longer be paid by the VA. "We may be able to fix that," says he. He's much more dedicated to research than his predecessor. Meanwhile, I had a brainstorm for a grant to go to the NIH. It's just about ready to submit. It's on pancreatic cancer. It's new, novel, innovative, and 100% do-able in my lab.

The errant sock is still somewhere other than my knitting storage shelves. Maybe it's still out on Times Square having a blast, Fleegle. When I find it (and I will), I will punish it by finishing it, making its mate, and wearing the pair. Hah! That'll larn those pesky socks to mess with me.


fleegle said...

Actually, the sock is no longer in Times Square. It was last seen in Leon City, Mexico, the Shoe Capital of the World. Good luck with that.

And good luck on your grant!! Hope it comes through for you.

Henya said...

You are such a positive lady! Good luck.

Knitrageous said...

Good luck on your grant! I hope your sock shows up soon.