Friday, April 1, 2011

New Blog: New Lace, Old Traditions

There's a new lace blog around the knitting blogosphere, one devoted to Haapsalu shawls and Estonian lace stitches. It's called New Lace- Old Traditions. Its aim is to popularize the Estonian knitting tradition, and enrich it by developing new motifs and using motifs to create triangular shawls. Patterns for shawls are expected, and from the little I've seen so far (this blog started only in January!) it's one I'll be perusing a lot for inspiration. The latest post (March 11) shows a little daisy stitch and its variant, with and without added nupps. There are links to Ravelry download pages, and a link for a pdf download. The March 2 post has a pattern for a shawl right there, with links for downloads and to the Ravelry page. It's a rectangular shawl, similar to a Crown Prince pattern according to the designer. It looks a bit simpler to execute (I did not read the pattern yet- please note!). The pattern is charted.

I think, er hope that this blog will satisfy some of my Estonian lace knitting urges (I'll still have the urge to own the Haapsalu shawl book that commands impressive prices). I've been wanting to knit more triangular shawls using Estonian stitches. I have some lovely fingering yarn just begging to be made into shawls. I'm looking forward to many more patterns on the blog.

On a different note, I have to share this little gem with you. YouTube won't let it be embedded, so please go and watch it here. (h/t Julie of Knitting at Large for this.)


Dorothy said...

Thanks for the link to the new blog. I took Nancy Bush's class on Estonian lace last year and am still working up the courage to do a big shawl with all those nupps! And the link to the Fraggle is precious.

sapphireblue said...

Me and lace knitting don't get along, but I will look at everyone else's work.

fleegle said...

That's so much for pointing me to that blog. Lovely stuff!

Faeryfay said...

thanks for that link to estonian lace! Love it!