Monday, June 6, 2011

A Visit to a Peony Farm

Yesterday DH and I spent a quiet day doing chores and visitng a peony farm, Peony's Envy in Bernardsville, NJ. It's supposedly the largest peony farm and garden in the northeastern US. They grow and sell peonies, irises, and other flowering plants. We came just past peak bloom but still it was a sight to see. I'll let the photos I took tell the story.
peony farm
peony garden 1
frilled peony 2
colorful peonies 2
anemone group 2
double deep pink
The last photo looks like what my own Karl Rosenfeld peony should look like; this year it set buds but they didn't mature. The owner of Peony's Envy, whose title is Lady Farmer (I like that) thinks the weird weather disturbed it and I shouldn't rip it out and plant a new one.

Meanwhile, DH and I came home to see this:
Light pink double peony 2
Yep, my own double light pink peony decided to open up afer all.


Henya said...

Beautiful! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

faeryfay said...

Peonies are my favourite flower! How gorgeous to be in a farm full of them! Beautiful.