Friday, July 22, 2011

This is Ridiculous

The heat, that is.
I'll let the weather map speak for me.

Eating cold food, drinking iced drinks, staying indoors as much as possible (walking Rocky pre-dawn today was an adventure; it was already 80 degrees F and disgustingly humid).

Knitting- I cannot stand to touch wool now, so I've been working on a stash of cotton knitting.

Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille face cloth

Baby bibs in Peaches & Crème Coral Reef, Faded Denim, Juanita Rose/Tea Rose, and Faded Glory.

I'm praying for no brown-outs or black-outs (which would mean my A/C is fried- happened 3 years ago and it cost $2400 to fix, let alone how long it will take to get an A/C unit fixed now). And making ice pops. And thinking cool thoughts.


kristieinbc said...

Please send some of your heat out west to us! While most of Canada is in the same boat as you, British Columbia is suffering through its coldest, rainiest summer on record. If only we could average things out! I hope your air conditioner keeps running smoothly...

Donna Lee said...

I keep thinking about the electric bill.....

The routine is the same here, cold drinks, minimal activity. I did the laundry on Saturday and it took all day since I was moving so slowly.

This week should moderate somewhat, until Friday.