Friday, August 5, 2011

This Week's Score: Bears 3, Humans 1

Well the bears are on a rampage this week.

In case you haven't heard the latest, a polar bear attacked some teens camping in Svalbard. If you read The Golden Compass, you'll recall that Lyra and Iorek Byrnison head for Bolvangar, which is located in Svalbard, which itself is located near the top of the world.

Then two days ago a bear attacked some teens camping veeery close to where DH, Rocky, and I spotted that big bruin last Sunday. The kids were frightened but not injured (thank the good Lord for that).
Monday, 2 black bears were spotted in Metuchen, frightening residents half to death.

The worst of all was also on Monday at DD#1's animal hospital (recall she's a surgery nurse at one of the largest animal emergency hospitals in the northeast). Two frightened kids brought in their mauled little dog from- you guessed it West Milford. It had been mauled by a bear Sunday night. There was nothing DD's team could do for the poor thing, except euthanize it.

DH wants to take another trip up the Ramapos, this time armed with a map of local microbreweries. If we see another bear, I'll surely need something stronger than 1 scoop of mint Oreo fudge, like maybe a beer plus 2 scoops of mint Oreo fudge.

Knitting is still in progress throughout the excitement. I need to snap some photos to show you what's on the needles, and what's been completed. DH says I should make a bib with bears on it and I think I will, soon as I find the right pattern (wouldn't want to scare little kiddies or mommies now).

Job hunt is still on. I had a nice interview this week. I was interviewed by the executive VP of that firm. He wanted to offer me a job on the spot, but could only offer me part-time work. I said yes. That makes three part-time jobs I've been offered in the past 17 days. This week I have another interview coming up. I'll keep agreeing to part-time work until full-time work materializes.

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Donna Lee said...

I wonder if the bears are finally realizing that they are bigger and stronger than we are and can totally take us out if they wanted.

I read about the campers and felt fear. I love to camp and although we don't see many bears down here, the thought that they could be out there is now firmly planted in my imagination!