Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moscow on the Passaic

This is what it must be like to live in the extreme north: major snow before the quarter day of autumn has arrived. And major snow is what we had all day yesterday. It started out as light rain at 8 am. By 10 am, when I went out with Rocky, it was a mix of snow and rain. By the time I left for synagogue at 10:40 am, it was like walking in a blizzard through the wind-whipped snow. All afternoon we heard transformers explode, tree branches fall, and wind chimes knock. There was rare thundersnow. Light pulsed and failed several times (fortiunately we never truly lost power or heat but many neighbors did). Early this morning I took a photo essay of the eerie scene around my house.

This used to be my special garden for herbs, my big Mme Lemoine double white lilac, my peonies, my Bath pinks, some unusual hydrangeas. Now a big frozen mess.
This branch fell on DD#1's car. SiL and DH clear it off but she'll have to check for roof damage.
Snowplows clear branches from the street all day, then came back to clear snow.
A former lilac bush by my front door- it would have bloom profusely come spring. Will it live until then?
Our Cherokee Pink dogwood has suffered through heat, drought, and other calamities. We gave it a big trim to bring it back. The storm may have finished it off.
Neighbor's car is buried. He hasn't come outside yet to see- or maybe he's hiding under a bed, whimpering.
A mound of snow to you is what used to be 6 foot tall bear grass to me. On the bright side, I hate bear grass. I'd like the excuse to plant another hydrangea.
Roy, our whacky new neighbor, never brings in his stuff from the yard. Not for Hurricane Irene and not for the storm yesterday. He was lucky during Irene, not so lucky yesterday.
I guess the Kousa dogwood just gave up and decided to sleep the storm away. Maybe I'll be planting another hydrangea.
Rocky's opinion on the matter is quite evident. it's as if he knows the collie club show scheduled for today was canceled due to inclement weather and impassable roads. Hope all of you fared well. Another look on the bright side- it's good knitting weather. And am I grateful for the socks and scarves I've made!


Henya said...

Oh my!What an adventure!
I am so happy to be here, amongst the palms, where the weather has culled down very pleasantly. Not missing the cold, snow and ice at all!

sapphireblue said...

We had thundersnow as well. It was very eirie.