Sunday, November 27, 2011


How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have company or were you company? Did the turkey come out done to perfection? We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We started cooking in stages last Sunday. Made the split pea soup, then 2 pumpkin pies. DD#1 made a cranberry crunch bake, corn salad, and pumpkin bread. Her MiL made a cranberry gelatin relish and apple crisp. On T-Day, we arose early, ate breakfast, then hiked up Second Mountain to be in fine fettle for the meal to come. "We" consisted of DH, myself, DD#2, Skye, and Rocky. Back home, DH baked yams and then roasted the turkey. He insists on making the turkey according to whatever recipe I find earlier in November that guarantees moist bird with crisp skin. We were 9 at the table, with a fantastic turkey dinner enjoyed by one and all. I served a white wine, a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and French Colombard wines. Leftover score: barely enough turkey for DH and me for one meal.

The title of this post refers to having been stiffed, robbed, jilted, and treated poorly by The Place I wrote for over the summer. To recap, I was asked back in June to develop an online book chapter on lung cancer for a continuing medical education website. I wrote the chapter. I submitted it knowing I'd have to do some editing but needing feedback from the MD consultant on the project. That was August. September 9 was the last correspondence from The Place, acknowledging receipt of the chapter, reference materials, and chapter test questions. I e-mailed The Place before heading to LA. I e-mailed The Place to let them know my holiday schedule in late September and through October. I called and e-mailed The Place in October and throughout November. I have received no response by either medium. Ergo I've been stiffed for $1200.

I have a contract with The Place. Tomorrow I'm going to re-read that contract and call one of two friends, either my friend the contract attorney or my friend the litigator.

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