Friday, January 27, 2012

Interesting Observation

My new yarn has been telling me what to make out of it. I've finished one project (another post on that) and started the new one.

Lisa Souza's Timaru is a silky yarn, suitable for lace. The Mother of Pearl when wound becomes a shimmery off-white color; the gradations of pastel simply melt away. I've been meaning to make myself something from Nancy Bush's book on Estonian lace. I need a dressy scarf. The Triinu scarf pattern fits the bill in terms of yardage, weight, and esthetics. Knitting the first edge I discovered something:
Triinu scarf
This is the edging for Triinu.

Watermelon Wedge socks
This is the Watermelon Wedge sock you've seen before. Notice anything about these two?

Would you believe the patterns are the same? Well, nearly: the sock pattern has K4 between the YO, K1, YO and the SK2P, whereas Triinu has K3 between the YO, K1, YO and the SK2P. Observe how the ribbing provides the anchor so that the space-dyed yarn makes those neat chevrons for the socks. Without a ribbed edge, the Triinu edging is free to flare out and make that nice frill that I'll be pinning when I block.

Neat, huh? I love knitting.


Donna Lee said...

I am working on a piece from that book, too. I love so many of the patterns. I am making Madlii's shawl and it's much easier than it looks. One day, I'll start the Crown Prince Shawl. THAT'll be a challenge!

Experimental Knitter said...

Triinu is a lot easier than it looks, too. I didn't find either Peacock Tail & Leaf or Lily of the Valley to be hard, but then after Evenstar, most patterns are now a walk in the park, right?
I almost made Madli's instead of Triinu. With the sparkly Kraemer yarn, I'm thinking of either Madli's or Lilac Leaf, as scarves instead of shawls.
Crown Prince is a winner. Will you spin your yarn for it?

fleegle said...

You can't copyright a title or a personal name. That's absurd. Do you think the registry of births in each state checks for copyright? You can put a copyright symbol after anything you want, but that doesn't make it so.

Experimental Knitter said...

@Fleegle, I know that and you know that, but the Mad Knitter of the Hebrides thinks she can.