Monday, February 20, 2012


I caved.

After years of hearing how great this stuff is compared to the 2 main brands of Shetland jumper-weight yarn, I finally ordered some Hebridean jumper-weight yarn from Virtual Yarns, to see what the hoopla is all about. I picked a neutral color, in order to make this for DD and DSiL, when the time comes:

From Vogue Knitting, Winter 1991-1992.

Yarn came Saturday. Is it gorgeous? You tell me. I wish you could feel it through the monitor. It's much softer than Shetland.

My intention was to cast on when I finished Aeolian (I'm about half-way done, but have not been photographing along the way).

Earlier today DD called me in near-hysteria. Can you guess why? She's expecting! Well, I'll be finishing that Aeolian and casting on for the EZ and Meg Swansen baby blanket right soon then.


Donna Lee said...

It looks soft but the color caught my eye. It's such a beautiful mix of shades.

And Congratulations! Is this your first grandchild?

kristieinbc said...

I went to that site and looked at their yarn. The colours are amazing! Congrats on the upcoming grandchild! I am sure your knitting needles will be working overtime now!

Henya said...

Yummy yarn!
I hope your daughter has an easy pregnancy.

fleegle said...

Lovely stuff! How many colors does it come in? I need to go look!

Experimental Knitter said...

Just returned from visiting Los Angeles and saw your comment, Fleegle. It comes in a lot of colors. Not as many as the Shetland wools by J&S or Jamieson, but enough to create many gorgeous things.