Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I honestly do not know how this new Interweave knitting magazine, Knitting Traditions, escaped my notice. Apparently it's been out since 2010, but I didn't get the memo-- or the e-mail.

Anyway, I read about it on Ravelry and went to Interweave's site for the details. If you are as out of the (knitting) loop as I seem to be, here's the scoop on KT: it's a big magazine, big in the sense that it has lots of patterns (as many as 46 in one issue). It's organized around objects and types of knitting: colorwork, lace, socks, baby items, and so forth. It has patterns by folks we know and love like Meg Swanson, Nancy Bush, and Margaret Stove, to name a few. On Interweave's site each issue is $14.99, whether physical or downloaded. OK, I thought I'd treat myself to the 3 issues out there and order the real magazines. The price per didn't put me off as much as the shipping; that added nearly the cost of another magazine to the total. Nope, not gonna do it just yet. That was last week.

This week my LYS is having a pre-inventory and pre-Super Bowl sale. I fell in love with some aqua Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver when I was there last. Not that I need it or anything, but I think I should make DD#1 a nice lace scarf (any reason to buy yarn and knit, right folks?). She loves all shades aqua/turquoise/teal/robin's egg blue, the way I love all shades coral/apricot/shrimp/peach. Being I work from home Wednesdays, it's a good opportunity to take a trip over to LYS in the next town. And the LYS has all 3 issues of KT.

Here's the Sterling Silk & Silver

And here's what I bought with the yarn:

Besides getting the Sterling Silk & Silver on sale, I got the KTs for 33% off the current issue and 50% off the previous 2 issues. My bill came to about the price of 2 skeins of yarn plus 1 magazine. If the LYS is going to discount previous issues of magazines, I'm going to haunt it more often.


Vivianne said...

That is a beautiful yarn; I am jealous for that, and the magazines :-)

Faeryfay said...

Ooooh, lovely shopping! I love the yarn!

Donna Lee said...

I think I have one of those issues. I thought it was a one off and didn't realize there were more! Now, I'll have to check out the lys because I don't want to pay all that for shipping.

And beautiful yarn. I love the little bit of glitz.