Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fell in Love with Jamieson's Shetland

Now I see why knitters go nuts over Shetland wool. The stuff is great - can't lose your stitches if you drop them, cable easily without a third needle, great stitch definition, great depth of color, heathered shades are so heathery, I could go on and on. Last year (that is, December of 2005) I bought a bunch on sale from Two Swans Yarn (Two Swans Yarn) to make an Aran vest for DH. It sort of languished when other things claimed my attention, then I resolved to finish it for Chanukah 2006. Just look at it:

Yes, I did something stupid and pinned the bottom border! But never fear, I sprayed it again, removed pins, and voila! ribbing pulls in. BTW, I used the Channel Island cast-on for this vest (an old Reynolds pattern), and since I am left-handed, that was no trivial matter! There are NO instructions for special cast-ons for lefties! Anywhere! That I could find! If you know of a place with them or a book with them, please let me know?

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