Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Socks! I got Socks!

At the end of 2006, I got so sick and tired of NOT finding socks to wear inside my Dansko clogs (as it was for Goldilocks, it took much doing to find the ones that were "just right") that I decided to knit my own. Mind you, I detest, hate, and abhor (not necessarily in that order) circular knitting. Probably because the only I can knit with even tension is like someone from Scotland, with a needle stuck in my lap(no foolin', I asked my kids for a knitting belt from the Shetland Isles for my B-day, which comes in a few months). Tough thing to do with a circ, n'est-ce pas? Sooooo, I found patterns for 2-needles socks, and created the ones above out of 2 stray skeins of Filatura di Crosa Sera (RIP, Sera, a gorgeous Merino with Lurex, DK weight, suitable for the most elegant evening creations...). Upon first wearing, they hurt like H***! After washing in Eucalan, some very mild fulling and much softer feel. More washing, more softer. But DK weight is a bit thin for my Danskos.

So I bought 6 skeins of Classic Wool in various and variegated colors, and some ecru crochet cotton for reinforcement and made these sock, which were promptly snapped up by daughter #2 (who had said at first, why make socks when you can buy them?):

Now I'm socks-central. Designed this pair, also out of Patons CW, which daughter #1 scarfed in a trice:

On the needles: a pair of shaded green CW socks that were supposed to be for moi, but now DH decided HE needs to wear with his snow boots, and a pair of lovely Oriental Rose cabled ones in Brunswick Sheepswool. Maybe I will even pluck up my courage and make a pair in the round. I'll say this for making them flat, my short-row technique and Kitchener stitches have improved ever so much.

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