Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lovely Loopy Mohair Set

No post yesterday, I had to go to my university's other medical school to give a lecture (my friend is the course coordinator; how could I say no?). As a bonus, I got to pick up wonderful Chinese food from this restaurant 2 towns north:
Lin's Kosher Chinese Kitchen
If you are ever in this part of Jersey (and you like Chinese food), you should stop at Lin's.

I was the lucky recipient of someone's de-stashed loopy mohair, hand-dyed in this pretty colorway called Azalea, back in December. I was fiddling with brioche stitch for hats a la EZ's prime Rib watch caps (see Ships Project post) and so made a dressier hat out of this mohair and a scarf:

Now who should this set be for, I wondered even as I made it. Then it hit me to give it to a friend at work who has always been supportive and helpful to me. And the colors look great on her too. :)

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