Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Taming of the Addis

Well after a bath in hot water, the Addis relaxed a lot, as you can see in this picture of a sock I'm doing for Daughter #1. Also notice that the tensions of the foot part (again done flat) and leg/cuff now match. So I relaxed along with the Addis. I'm going to heed Yvonne's suggestion (to keep a couple of bead donuts on the loops); just have to go through my bead stash to find a couple (my bead stash, unlike my knitting stash, is currently in a state of utter chaos).
My new thought - now that I've mastered Magic Loop, I still have the 2nd socks to make to complete these 2 pairs. After that, no more flat-knit socks. How's that for progress? Before the winter break in late December, I wouldn't even attempt flat socks, now barely 2 months later I'm thinking about how to master Kory Stamper's 2 socks at once using Magic Loop. Nothing like having goals, even in knitting.


fleegle said...

Nice! Don't you love beating your tools into submission? Have fun with the socks.

BB said...

Thanks, and yes, beating into submission was very satisfying. Too addictive, this sock knitting.

fleegle said...

Tink was hiding no chocolate. I don't care for sweets, and rice crackers (my favorite snack) just aren't very romantic! When I am living in Japan (which I do half the yar) my favorite spot is this rice cracker maker stall where you can get them hot! Fresh! Yum!