Monday, February 12, 2007

New Score: Addis 1, Me 1

Yes, I did it, I wrestled the Addi into submission and finished sock #1, but it came with a price. Look at the leg, the part I did by magic loop - see that the tension is tighter than the foot part, which I did on 2 straights? I measured the tensions and yep, the magic loop part is 6.5 sts/in and 9 rows/in instead of 6 sts/in and 7 rows/in. Fortunately, the sock fits around my leg so frogging was not necessary. I attribute it to the tension I had holding those Addis in place so they couldn't sneak up on me and smack me again. Today, I did what some other knitters suggested to me and soaked the Addis in hot, hot water (I cringed!) to relax their curl. They are resting now, more comfortably I hope since they are more relaxed, albeit not totally relaxed. A few more heat treatments and maybe they'll be putty in my hands (sort of - you get the picture). Since I wear plan to wear slacks with these socks, if the tension on the leg of sock #2 doesn't match sock #1, no biggie. Only I shall know. Onward to master sock knitting only on circs!


fleegle said...

Glad you beat those things into submission!

Zephyr indeed has a nice color--I love Zephyr. But the yarn for the Unst shawl is half the weight of Zephyr. I found something that will do and ordered it. A friend will dye it for me to the shade I want.

BB said...

I cannot imagine how fine that must be. It'll be a real wedding-ring shawl for sure!