Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fangorn Forest

Having to work with charts spread out all over for the back of EFA, I've decided that it's Fangorn Forest (or is it the Mirkwood?) from Lord of the Rings. So I guess I'm either Merry or Pip then. The going is slower now; you don't start the end charts on the 1st stitch or end on the last stitch. I'm now on a part that requires looking at 4 charts (one is pretty easy so maybe we can call it 3 and a half charts). I can't have a family member disturb me at a critical part now, like when I'm changing charts. So to preserve sanity and family, I'm knitting EFA only for a few hours on Sundays, usually to old Westerns or "Law and Order" reruns. Somehow, mindless TV in the background helps me concentrate on knitting better. Do you find it so too?

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