Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seduced by Socks!

See these socks? They caught my eye too, after a Knitter's Review member posted and boasted about them. So I lied, I'm not doing the Twisted Flower socks yet, for I was seduced by these socks of seduction. You can get the pattern here. I had actually started the 2x2 ribbing for the TF socks; instead of frogging and starting again, I increased from the 48 sts I used for ribbing (I'm using this lovely DK-weight King Cole washable merino in Larkspur, so was adjusting pattern to my gauge) to the 56 needed for the pattern, did 2 repeats of the cuff pattern, then started the leg pattern. And was so seduced by it that I'm nearly ready to start the heel flap. Goes to show that the best-laid plans of knitting can also go awry.
You might be wondering, as my DH did aloud last night, why am I knitting wool socks in the spring? Well, for starters, I'm picking lacy patterns (Pretty Comfy Socks, Seduction Socks, TF socks) as a sort of instant air conditioning. Second, I like the stretchiness of wool. I know I won't have it with most cottons or blends. If you know if a stretchy cottony yarn you like for socks, please LMK; I'm open to trying other yarns. Third, when the air conditioning in lab and office are turned to Arctic, my feet freeze in my clogs (forget sandals; I'd have lost my toes to frostbite years ago if I didn't work in a lab where open-toes are unsafe). And so, echoing EZ's words of yore, I'm turning to wool for its temperature-regulating property.


Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

Ohhhh, you wicked woman! I love these socks and have seriously been trying to avoid them.

For Yule this year, I am planning on giving my daughter and 2 g'daughters the see-through clogs and at least 7 pairs each of handknit socks. Different socks, so they can *share*. (I_know_----I'm hallucinating!) The g'kids get everything they could even dream of wanting from their parents, except handknits/handmades, so I think even with all their other stuff, this'll be a WOW! prezzie. All my g'kids are early teen or younger and I'm lucky that they still luv getting hand-mades from me.

Aren't we thankful for Magic Loop? I wouldn't even have dreamed of doing this on dpns. lol

BB said...

Yeh, that's me. DH used to call me the "naughty lady" until he answered the phone that way (I was away at a meeting) and it was the airline telling him about the change in my flight schedule!

What patterns are you doing and what yarns? What fun, you must be knitting them now. The g* kids will love them, especially with the clogs.

Yes I am very grateful for Magic Loop. I would never attempt anything with dpns, except icord.

Romi said...

They're gorgeous socks!