Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wonders of Blocking

To console myself for having to frog the back of EFA (almost to the ribbing!), I wet-blocked the very-distorted right front. Look how nice the trees appear now. The dimensions of the front are 13 1/2" wide, 18" to armhole, and 9 1/2" from armhole to shoulder. This should make a nicely fitting jacket, with room for pockets on the side seams. When this is dry, I'll do the left front. I always used to detest blocking, regarding it as something to be avoided at all costs. But in the past few years I've come to apppreciate the finished look that blocking gives some garments. Not to mention that fact that if pieces bias or distort, it's very difficult to sew together evenly. I used to detest circular knitting and now look at my socks! Just goes to show how open knitters should be to learning new techniques, and applying old ones (if one might call blocking a technique).

So after frogging, I reknit this section of the back, very loosely this time around. I think it was worth it; I'm much happier with the V-stitches and even the bobbles look perkier somehow. I'll be tackling the charts within charts in a much happier mood now.

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