Monday, July 9, 2007

Half a Pair is Better Than None

I'm trying to squeeze in some knitting between everything else. So finishing one sock is now called finishing half a pair, lest I succumb to single-sock syndrome. And I can wear the single sock while I work on its mate, to remind me why I want to finish the 2nd sock so badly. Take this sock- made of delicious Sundara sport merino in Cherry Blossom (with heel and toe of Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock in Java plus Cebelia #30 in Dusty Rose), it looks good enough to eat. Top it off with the wonderful pattern by Jeanie Townsend and it's a winner on my foot. Now with the temperatures in my office and lab hovering in the low 60's, I need to wear wool socks year 'round, it looks like.

Here's Skye in his new shirt. He loves to drag towels and blankets around to lie on, so DD#1 decided to give him a soft shirt to wear. This way he has a towel or blanket with him at all times. He likes it a lot, especially with the sleeves rolled up to show off his white paws.


Yvonne in southwest Virginia said...

Puhleez don't tell Skye but his model-shot gave me a much needed chuckle after a very loooooong day. He just looks sooo proud of his outfit!

Sorry the stretchy-cord circs didn't work out. Options and Addis have ruined me for any others.

BB said...

I think Skye is a bit of a clown at heart. He sometimes runs around laughing after pulling off a stunt, much to the disgust of the older collie Rocky.

I'm going to try Inox Premium in 2.75 mm. I may even make the Lilacs sock on the new Addi 2.5 mm circs I just ordered 9and they are gold-plated!).

Yvonne in southwest Virginia said...

Love those Addi Turbo Laces for sox. They grip a little better than the regular Turbos...and I like the cord better, too. Let me know what you think of the INOX...and tell Skye he's welcome anytime if he wants to visit---although it might take him a while to get used to the drawl dawgs have 'round heah. lol

BB said...

Hee hee, maybe not, I'm from Maryland, not quite the same drawl when you're from Bawlmer, Murlen. He's from Idaho, now he lives in NJ, so he must be able to understand western US dialect and Noo Yawkese. Bet he'd pick up the drawl fast. And he'd take no time to love southern-fried chicken!
I may try those lace Addis next. Wish Addi did 2.75 mm.