Tuesday, July 3, 2007

... Only to Leave Again

This is a non-knitting post. I have not picked up needles in a few weeks because I have been inundated with work at work. I've been training a new lab technician and a summer student at the same time, something I try to avoid whenever possible. Then there was a quick trip to Minnesota to give a lecture and participate in a discussion on cancer research. Last week there was a major crisis over starting my Veterans Administration research grant. The major crisis? The assistant chief of research at the local VA hospital, which administers the grant, decided or was coerced into trying to get the grant rescinded by Washington. Luckily I found out about it, and luckily I keep a paper trail. But it's no fun to fight fires constantly; research is hard enough as it is. Usually knitting relaxes me, but when I'm this keyed up I can't knit. Hopefully, with a holiday break tomorrow, I'll return to my usually state of quiet frenzy. I can knit then. I really need to finish my Peach Petal socks!

On a happier note, we saw "Ratatouille" Sunday. Hysterically funny. Do go see it, you won't be sorry.


Yvonne said...

...and here I thought you had a case of the summer lazies and was impatiently tapping my foot, cutting you slack only because I started a new 50-hr.-a-week job.

I'm soooooo ashamed. No, really. lol

I'm glad you'll be getting some knitting time soon! Missed you, woman!

BB said...

Aaw, it's so nice to be missed. And I did finish one sock on the 4th and did serious work on the 2nd sock yesterday while watching "Tombstone" (don't ask... lol!).