Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Returned to my other avocation, making beaded jewelry, the other day. The WIP above is the beginning of a necklace in a stitch called the Dutch spiral. I'll stop when it's about 9"long, then string sterling Bali and other interesting beads up the sides to the clasp. These look best, to me, when they are about 18" long. I'm getting some new handmade lampwork beads in and have new ideas. Can't wait to try them out.
I've posted a few of my other creations below; these are for sale and the details are given in my Stash Flickr album (link is on the left). I'll be posting more pictures in the coming days. I've made some sets, cell phone charms, ID lanyards, and more. I made a lot of these pieces 2 years ago to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina (raised nearly $1000 on eBay selling mainly ID lanyards, raised a few hundred more through some special jewelry auctions). After putting it away for 2 years, the beading bug is back!


fleegle said...

Those pieces are lovely! Wish I had the patience.

BB said...

LOL and thank you! You have the patience to create those intricate lace shawls that intimidate me to pieces. I've been admiring your patience to make those. Must be a matter of perspective.