Thursday, August 9, 2007

Knitting on Inox Pryms

Well, now that I've tried these cheapie Inox Prym needles, I must say that they are quite nice. Oh the joins aren't as lovely-smooth as on the Addis but the cord relaxed without needing to be heated to near 100 deg C, and the Teflon coating moves the yarn along with just enough grab that I don't fear dropping sts (Addi Turbos are a little too slick sometimes; not the Golds though). And besides, Addis do not come in 2.75 mm, so there! And you can see how one knits a watermelon out of wool. It's fascinating to watch the pattern develop just by doing stockinette st over and over and over again. I do find the wool to be a bit on the scratchy side; Marian says it softens and fluffs up with washing, so these will be washed in Eucalan until they soften enough.

Ah, the reason for the mindless knitting project - Tuesday night, the neighboring town's council decided to pull the pending ordinance in the face of impending implosion from the flood of at least 50 of us who opposed it - and a lot of us came from out of town. Good to see democracy in action.

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fleegle said...

I totally adore that sock! I want one! Well, two.