Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Makeover for the Caudia Hat

Since sending wool hats for the Ships Project will recommence next week, I've been knitting as many hats as I can to send. The website has links to acceptable hat patterns, and the Claudia Hat is very attractive. Now, Smariek designed it to be knit flat. I started it flat, then decided I wanted to knit it in the round. So spent a few hours charting the pattern on Excel, and started knitting. The proof of the charting will be in the knitting. The yarn is the lovely Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran mix. Needles are 5 mm Addi Turbos. The chart is below. Note that on rounds 15 and 25, the right twists are split in half, if the rounds were to start on the same stitch for those rounds. To compensate, I whipped the 1st sts of those rounds around to the back needle (I use the Magic Loop technique), then did the right twists as the last 2 sts. If you know a better way to explain this, please tell me.

Right twist: Slip next st to back, k1, then k slipped st
Left twist: Slip next st to front, k1, then k slipped st
Note: When working in the seed st part, I did either k1 or p1, depending upon what was required for the moss st. I didn't want to make the chart very complicated with separate symbols for the crossed twist sts.
I haven't taken a photo yet of the hat, but works, it really works. Once you start the pattern and get into the flow, you can figure it out quite easily; in fact, I stopped looking at my chart after a couple of rows! I'm up to row 30-something, so the pattern is just about finished. Will take a photo and post when the pattern part is finis.


fleegle said...

How about a picture of the hat?

Thanks for the graph and instructions~

BB said...

You're welcome.
Hopefully later today I'll get a chance to snap & upload a shot of it. Almost at the dec state.