Friday, August 31, 2007

Here's Claudia

I promised a shot of Claudia knit in the round, and here it is. Tah dah! It is almost done, I've started the dec (though I may run out of Jo Sharp, hmmmm.... will probably finish it off with some navy tweed Harrisville orchid line, being a silk/wool blend that knits to the same gauge). Navy and burgundy- a nice color combo. PS- no bias on this hat, must have been the st I used that cause the biasing with the other hat I made out of the Jo Sharp Silkwood. Knit and learn.
Speaking of color combos, here are some yarn duos I picked un on sale for more Ships Project hats. First, Beaverslide wool/mohair in Indian Fire and Deep Creek.

Next, Lamb's Pride in Winter Blue and Turquoise.

I'm going to try a bicolor brioche with 1 combo. Never was into multi-colored knitting, but there's a request out from the troops for brightly-colored hats, so I'm willing to try. If I really hate it, at least I have gorgeous bright colors to work with. I decided that I won't make any more hats out of acrylic yarn, only wool or wool and other natural fiber blends. Read somewhere that synthetic fibers are like plastic: they never break down. So call it my push for greener knitting.


fleegle said...

Brightly colored is an understatement (fleegle squints to prevent yarn blindness) Love the hat--nice cabely thing on the border.

BB said...

At least we know it'll be bright enough for the troops! Smariek's design is nice, glad I worked it out in the round, thanks so much.